The images displayed on the Fairlight Images page are stored on Flickr as the Flickr Group 'Fairlight, East Sussex'.

If you would like to add some images to the Fairlight Village Flickr group then this is how to do it:

a) if you do not have a Flickr username then you need to sign up for one at - it's free!

b) Once you have a Flickr username then upload your images to Flickr and then join the group 'Fairlight, East Sussex' - you can search for it by using the keyword 'Fairlight'. Note, do not join the group called 'Fairlight Village as that's the old group that I have lost control of!

c) Once you have joined the 'Fairlight, East Sussex' group you should be able to assign your uploaded image to that group.

d) The images you assign to the 'Fairlight, East Sussex' group will then to queued for me to 'approve' before they are allowed to be displayed on the website - for obvious reasons. If you have opened a new Flickr account then your images may not appear on the Fairlight website for several days even if I have approved them. This is because your Flickr account has to be checked by Flickr and your content determined to be 'safe' for general viewing. Note that this review by Flickr doesn't happen until you have uploaded at least 5 images so upload a few random images if necessary!