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Dear Resident,
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Trevor Lewing

on behalf of Fairlight Residents Association.
The Knoll
Rockmead Road
01424 812340

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Dog owners are respectfully reminded to clear away after their pets have deposited.


"There is an unnecessary amount of Dog fowling that is evident in the public footpath / walkway, which commences after you have gone through the public footpath gate, which is opposite & between the Post Office & Waites Lane junction.


It is probably where most dog walkers let their dogs off of the lead, however, the dog owners are not being very responsible, as they are not picking it up!


There is not a dog waste bin in that area at which means that responsible owners end up having to carry their dog poo bags with them around the whole walk, which is equally not ideal and may be some of the reason for not picking it up in the first place!!


We are so very lucky to have the public footpaths with the stunning views, we should at least be trying to keep them clean & hazard free for us all & equally for our more vulnerable elderly or youngest residents


Thank you


Best wishes



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