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Hi, an update on the Wood, and TPO's.................

Earlier this year I applied to the Woodland Trust for a "Free" pack of assorted Trees suitable for Knowle Wood, to replace many of the Trees that have fallen over the years, and to fill in the gaps where Holly has run rampant (along with the Bramble), much of what has been removed by our fantastic team of volunteers over the last 2 + years.
It's been a hard slog at times, but we have achieved a lot, and it will take a relatively small effort (ongoing) to keep the Brambles and Holly in check
I've just been informed by the Woodland Trust (my grateful thanks to them!) that we have been successful in being granted a pack of around a 100 + assorted Saplings. These should arrive sometime in November this year 2017.
Once delivered we can get to planting them where needed.

Can I ask that anyone who walks our part of Knowle Wood to be aware of where these saplings are, and take care to avoid them while they establish themselves. Hopefully they will be very visible with the protective sleeves around them. 
As well as the old and established footpaths in and around our part of the Wood, people can now access and walk all over most of the area now that we have got rid of the Bramble/Holly.

As ever, we welcome anyone that has a couple of hours each Friday......not compulsory btw! just on an as and when basis. Do as little or as much as you feel the need to do......every little helps.
We arrive around 9.30/10am, until around 12 midday.....Don't be shy, we are are friendly bunch, and you'll be welcomed with open arms.
All that is needed is suitable heavy duty gardening gloves/old clothes, and whatever implement you have to hand eg, garden fork, rake, loppers etc......those brambles can be devilish to tackle at times.

On another note, many who will have read my e-mail or the PC minutes earlier this year about identifying Trees in and around the Village to be considered for TPOs (Tree preservation orders). We conducted that survey based mainly on the alarming amount of Trees being felled in our area, many of them, that in some instances were at the very least over a hundred years old, with the view to hopefully prevent/preserve what we have left.
Late last year, I escorted Rothers Tree Officer around the Village, highlighting Trees we felt needed consideration for TPO's.
After a long and protracted period on getting no reply from Rothers Tree Officer for an update, we finally got a response a few weeks ago....... after intervention by our Cllr Chris Saint.
To summarise....Unfortunately we have got absolutely nowhere, and no Trees have been earmarked, "however worthy", to have a protection order placed on them. Rother Council appear to be sticking rigidly to its guns, and quoting the "GUIDELINES", that in my (Personal) opinion, is just an excuse not to do the job they are there for...... and not using common sense in many cases it would seem.
Sorry about this situation, as many in the Village, as am I, are disappointed about the situation, but as a Parish Council, we have very limited powers in various matters, this being one of them!

Cllr Dave Thatcher
Vice Chair 
Fairlight Parish Council.