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Trevor Lewing

on behalf of Fairlight Residents Association.
The Knoll
Rockmead Road
01424 812340

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From: Hattie Croydon []

Hi Trevor


I’m not sure if you can help or maybe forward this on, but about a month or so ago we had one of our black bins stolen (we had two) it has been reported to the police and the council, about two weeks previously my mum who also lives on Channel Way had her brown bin stolen!


Tonight when we came home we suddenly had two green bins, now at first I thought they’ve got it wrong when I ordered a new bin and they’ve bought us a green bin instead of a black one but when I looked inside it had rubbish in which makes me think this is someone else’s green bin?


I have no idea how it’s got on our driveway or why anyone would put it there it if anyone is missing a green we may well have it.


We are Golden Haze on Channel Way and if anyone is missing a green bin to let me know and we’ll get it back to them. I’m not sure what is going on with the bins as all seems very odd.


However if anyone is missing a green bin they can email me or call me on 07956882755 and we’ll get it back to them.


Many thanks