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Sussex and Kent Walks not that far away

Internet Sites with Walks Fairly Close By
Fancy Free Walks

I have walked several of the walks from the Fancy Free Walks site. I have found them to be very accurate and very easy to follow. With the detailed guide in front of you, a map is not a requirement but I still like to carry one if only to see where the nearest cafe or pub is.

The site is entered from here, and from there you can choose any region in the South East of England. If you choose East Sussex, then you will get a list of 30 odd walks in East Sussex. There is a very local one, 'Fairlight and Guestling Wood', seven miles and just looking at that one will give you a feel for the whole site.

Saturday Walkers Club

What first drew me to the Suturday Walkers Club, was the fact that they are designed to start and finish at railway stations, which makes for very easy returns to you starting point - and even getting there in the first place a lot of the time.

You can start from Saturday Walkers Club Introduction, then you can navigate via a map to a walk of choice which opens up into a description, the description then has a link to a pdf file of the walk directions for downloading.

Walking in Kent

Walking in Kent starts here, and by navigating to free walks to download and print you are offered a list of areas to choose from. Romney Marsh Walks is the closest, and if you select that one there are many walks in Rye and even Winchelsea to choose from.

East Sussex County Council

Start here, and navigate to 'Self-guided East Sussex walks'. There are then more choices but the leaflets link will give you the opportunity to download many leaflets detailing walks all over East Sussex according to the length of walk you want to do. I can recommend the 'Harley Shute Walk' for a 3.5 mile varied and surprising walk.

The Taxi Driver

It is no surprise that I came upon this site by accident: Walking With The Taxi Driver in Sussex has three walks in Sussex, one fairly close by and the other on our doorstep.