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Fairlight Walkers Forum

You have to Register and subsequently Log-In every time to be able to use the Forum on the Fairlight Community Website. There are some rules to using the Forum which you must agree to - but these are non-restrictive and perfectly sensible. This may all be a chore, but it gives you some level of security that everyone using the Forum has had some level of monitoring.

Once you are logged in to the Forum, select the Fairlight Walkers category...you will then see any posts that have been made in the Fairlight Walkers Forum. At this point you can:

    Reply to an existing post or Topic

    Create a new Topic about a walk that you would like to do

    Have a moan at me about the Fairlight Walking pages on the Community Website

Please feel free to contact me: ronsimpson0@gmail.com

An Example Topic

Resident 'A' creates a new topic:

    I am a lady who walks her dog most mornings around 10am. I would appreciate a companion so that I can explore some local footpaths for about an hour, avoiding stiles if possible.

Resident 'B' replies to the topic:

    I am also a lady with a dog and would love to join you. May I suggest that we meet at the bus stop near The Cove when the Rye bus is due about ten past ten next Tuesday.

Resident 'A' responds to the topic:

    That sounds great, let's meet then and make sure sure our dogs get on with one another.

You will note that no names or addresses have been exchanged. The Community Website webmaster, however, will know who Residents 'A' and 'B' are and can ensure that there is no obvious skullduggery!

A Few Bits of Sensible Advice for the Forum

    Give an indication of the length of walk you are thinking of.

    Say if you are bringing a dog.

    Give your availability.

    Say if you have any restrictions like no steep hills, no stiles, etc.

    Don't give your full name, address and telephone on the forum - save that until you meet up.

    For the first time of meeting, if you don't know who you are meeting, always meet in a public place and bring a partner or friend.

Please feel free to contact me: ronsimpson0@gmail.com